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The next trip is just around the corner and so is packing your suitcase. But your current model is actually too big, too small or just too heavy? Don’t worry! We have a large selection of high-quality suitcases, hand luggage, hard case, soft case and more at the Europa Center in Berlin.

Enjoy your travels with the right luggage

Whether vacation or business trip - we have the right suitcase for you
Hardside luggage, softside luggage, trolley, business-wheeler, weekender, duffle, underseater, wheeled duffle, beauty cases, luggage with 4 wheels or with 2 wheels – our selection of suitcase models is huge. There is not a suitcase model that is perfect for everyone. Buying your luggage is very individual and should be carried out with a suitable expert advice to ensure that you can travel without any worries.

Our brands at a glance

We briefly introduce you to our most popular suitcase brands ​
Lia Hiltz
Lia Hiltz
27. August, 2021.
Ich bekam heute eine gute Beratung und jetzt ist meine 7-Klässlerin sehr gut mit einem neuen Schulsack ausgestattet. Danke!
Nelli L.
Nelli L.
23. Juli, 2021.
Die Mitarbeiterin war sehr nett, top Beratung, super Service? Haben recht schnell unseren Traumschulranzen gefunden ?
Hagen Rentzsch
Hagen Rentzsch
10. Juli, 2021.
Sie brauchen den perfekten Schulranzen für Ihr Kind und möchten einfach die perfekte Beratung ?? Dann ist der Laden im Europa-Center genau das Richtige für Sie. Über 80 positive Bewertungen im 4-5 Sterne Bereich sprechen eine deutliche Sprache!!! Wir wurden perfekt beraten und auch umfassend über die Möglichkeiten und Besonderheiten jeder Marke aufgeklärt. Super freundlich, sehr kompetent und zu absolut fairen Preisen können wir ebenfalls diesen Laden nur EMPFEHLEN !! Und weil es da so schön ist, sind wir heute mit unseren Zwillingen schon wieder dort.
Wilhelm Rohde
Wilhelm Rohde
1. Juli, 2021.
Wir haben zur Einschulung unseres Sohnes nach einem passenden Schulranzen gesucht, der ihm gefällt. Hier im Laden konnte er sich einen schönen Ranzen aussuchen, das war einfach klasse. Ganz allgemein ist die Auswahl an verschidenen Marken einfach grandios. Man wird hier also auf jeden Fall fündig.
Sophia Messer
Sophia Messer
28. Juni, 2021.
Einfach ein toller Fachhandel für alle die auf der Suche nach einem Koffer sind. Für mich wirklich sehr wichtig, da ich oft auf Reisen bin und einen qualitativ hochwertigen Koffer benötige. Dank einer wirklich tollen Beratung bin ich hier fündig und glücklich geworden 🙂
Christin Draheim
Christin Draheim
21. Juni, 2021.
Ich hatte vorab auf der Website einen Termin für die Beratung gebucht und heute waren wir vor Ort um Schulranzen zu testen. Wir wurden sehr freundlich empfangen und nach einem kurzen Vorgespräch war schnell klar was uns wichtig ist. Ein sehr netter, entspanter Herr hat sich viel zeit für meinen Sohn genommen, gut zugehört und alles umgesetzt. Nach kurzer Zeit hatten wir den perfekten Ranzen mit allem drum und dran, und haben glücklich den Laden verlassen. Danke an so viel Hingabe gegenüber dem Kunden. Tolles Team, netter Verkäufer
Evin Can
Evin Can
19. Juni, 2021.
Ich bin total begeistert! Super Beratung, mir würden Tipps und Tricks rund um den schulranzen gegeben. Die haben sich super um mein Sohn gekümmert, sogar ein Bild mit Tasche würde uns geschenkt und paar weitere Sachen.. noch besser keine eine Beratung ned sein.
Kathrin Rodenwoldt
Kathrin Rodenwoldt
12. Juni, 2021.
Top Beratung, können wir nut weiterempfehlen.....

Looking for the perfect luggage

Find your new suitcase at our store at Europa Center in Berlin
Suitcases have changed a lot in recent years. They are becoming lighter and lighter, often have four wheels instead of two wheels, and are particularly robust. They are designed to make traveling as pleasant and safe as possible, whether for a business trip, a short vacation or a long-distance trip. In our store in the Europa Center in Berlin, we will be happy to advise you so that you too can find the perfect luggage for your next travels. Of course, we also have duffles, wheeled duffles and garment bags as well as a large selection of travel accessories and backpacks. Visit us, and we’ll be happy to ensure that you can start your next trip perfectly equipped.

Your needs

What does your ideal suitcase look like?
If you would like to get a consultation from us at Europa Center in Berlin, the first thing we do together is look at what your needs are. What do you need the luggage for, how often do you use it, is there a particular brand that you would like to have, do you prefer hard case or soft case, spinner or 2 wheels, weekender or wheeled duffle – as you can see the choices are great! In order to be able to pick out the right models for you, we go through all these points together before we look at the first suitcase.

Trying out
different models

Which model fits your ideas best?
Once we’ve worked out what your needs are regarding your next suitcase, we’ll find the right models for you. We have a total of 3 brands with several models in our store, so you can look at many different options. You also have the option to directly test whether you prefer a spinner or luggage with two wheels. Additionally, you can check whether you find hardside luggage or softside luggage more practical. Many models are available in several sizes, thus, you can equip yourself with hand luggage for short trips, a beauty case, a trolley, a weekender or a business-wheeler.

your suitcase

Get ready for your next trip
If you have decided on a model, all we want to say is: Congratulations on your new suitcase! It will be a faithful companion on your next trips. To ensure that you are always perfectly equipped, we also offer the right travel accessories, such as toiletry bags, neck pillows or luggage straps. We also offer a big range of backpacks as a supplement for your luggage. We will be happy to advise you on finding your perfect travel accessoires.

We help you with your suitcase purchase

The selection of luggage is huge and the different variants can be quite overwhelming. You need to think about aspects such as the advantages of hard case vs. soft case or of four wheels vs. two wheels. We will be happy to answer all these questions in a personal consultation at our store in the Europa Center in Berlin. Just come by or make an appointment with us in advance.

Suitcase inspiration on Instagram

We present our suitcases and different models for you on our channel

Common questions regarding your luggage purchase

We answer the most frequently asked questions.

Do I really need expert advice for my suitcase purchase?

Generally, it is of course possible to buy a suitcase without consultation. For this, however, you should first thoroughly inform yourself about the different variants options to choose from. We highly recommend a consultation, since our staff has expert knowledge about the various characteristics of the suitcases. Hence, they can easily help you with finding the perfect luggage for you.

Where can I find your store?

Our store is located in the Europa Center at Tauentzienstr. 9-12 in Berlin. We are open from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00 and are happy to advise you on the selection of your new suitcase. If you would like to make an appointment in advance, you can easily do so by e-mailing us to or by calling us at 030 / 23 00 20 23.

Can I order my new suitcase from you online?

We currently do not have our own online store, but you can easily reserve or pre-order your favorite luggage from us and then pick it up in our store in the Europa Center in Berlin. You can place your order at or by phone at 030 / 23 00 20 23.

Is a suitcase with four wheels more practical than one with two wheels?

There is no general answer to this question, everyone feels differently. Nowadays there are many suitcases with four wheels, many people find the rolling of the luggage more comfortable and easier. However, there are also others who find a suitcase with two wheels more practical. Here, as is so often the case, it's best to try it out!

How many brands do you have in your store?

We currently have 3 different brands of suitcases. However, most manufacturers usually have several models, so we can offer a wide selection and there is the right model for everyone. We offer luggage with either 2 or 4 wheels, business-wheeler, a weekender, a trolley, a beauty case, hand luggage, soft case or hard case, a duffle and a wheeled duffle. Hence, we can ensure you that you will find your perfect luggage at our store.

Do you offer duffle as well?

In addition to our large selection of suitcases, we also offer duffles. In addition, many of our backpacks backpacks are also well suited for travel, as they offer a lot of storage space. Especially for short trips or business trips, our small carry on suitcases are also ideal.

In what price range do you offer your suitcases?

Depending on the quality, material, production and brand, you will find promotional and final models in fair price ranges that are below 99 €. For special series, however, the prices can definitely be over 300 €. Our wide product range presents an interesting offer for every demand.